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What would your children do after plus two?

Coming out of a school is the most crucial stage of a student’s life. A vast world outside to choose from and to live in. education is the only way to pave the right path to a peaceful future. Many people dream of advancing their children’s education but don’t have a proper knowledge on quality education.Choosing the right subject for higher education is choosing a student’s future, more importantly it is choosing where you want yourself to be after a few years.

Engineering or Medicine? Mass communication or literature? There might have plenty of options to pick from. But you need a trustful hand to help you to make the most important decision of your life. Educational counselor is a service provider who specialized in educational sector and furnishes better career paths for students. Those students find it difficult to choose from boundless courses definitely need an experienced educational counselor. Being the best educational consultants in Kerala we influence many to build a strong impact in a student life.


We are a Bangalore based education consultancy and charitable trust in Kerala. We have been with generations to guide them and, their most successful on-going life is our biggest honor. we provide scientific education counseling for both students and parents to select the accurate course and college. IEGCT is the most consulted educational counselors for abroad education in India(study abroad). Being with the student in the whole admission processes, providing complete loan assistance and granting scholarships for brilliant students are our own specialties. We can provide you more like Securing abroad education with arranging every document for visa, ticket purchasing and travel agreement. We provide all needed information on Country and college selection to study abroad. With our encouragement University application process is not a barrier for students from better education. Soft skill training, Subject and job introduction, Course and college selection are our other salient services. We are also specialized in Securing college admission, proper career guidance and Placement assistance.

Living in a competitive world and getting a secured job is an immense challenge. Attaining the highest marks in examination is not the new smartness its clearly potential and practicality. Choosing a professional course is the finest way of Succession . we are providing effortless admission to the top institutions across the world.

Do reliability of consultants matter?

The reliability of educational consultants always matters. Because the future of our children are in their hands.IEGCT is the best educational consultants in Kerala and has been keeping the position for top educational consultants in Kerala for more than 12 years. Our new study abroad policy provides more wide opportunities to your children for fulfilling their dreams.

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