Tagus Let’s Go Study Tashkent Education Agents

Tagus Let’s Go Study Tashkent Education Agents

Address:Darhan Business Centre, 88A Mustakillik Avenue, Tashkent, 100000, Uzbekistan

Tagus Biznes was founded in 2004 and started promoting education abroad for students from Uzbekistan. We actively encourage students to obtain higher qualifications. In addition, we are actively enrolling students for short-term programs, such as English language learning classes, so that students could be able to meet the requirements of higher education institutions. Our credo is “Education is Enlightenment”¬†and we do the best we can to assist our clients to obtain that “enlightenment”.

Fax:+998-711-200 234

Ph:+998-711-201 578

Contact Email: sukhrob.tairov@tagus.uz


Qualified Counsellors at Tagus Let’s Go Study Tashkent


Sukhrob Tairov

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