Studie-Wijs NETHERLANDS Education Agents

Throughout my working life I have been involved in youth and education. During my meetings I give tailor-made advice concerning the variety of educational programmes that I offer. I have accompanied young people of 12 to 18 years old, in my capacities of French teacher, mentor, advisor and counselor for almost 30 years. After my school career I have focused, since 2001, on the personal guidance and advice for young people with ages between 10 and 27, and their parents, in order to help them with their studies and training in their home country and abroad. I am still trying to improve my skills by visiting schools allover the world, and by building and maintaining a large network.

Founded: 2012

Website:www. studie-wijs. nl

Phone: +31 702051139

E-mail:info@studie-wijs. nl

Address: Statenplein 32582EW The Hague NETHERLANDS