IDEAS Turkey TURKEY Education Agents

IDEAS Turkey TURKEY Education Agents

IDEAS Turkey mission is to provide world-class advice, services and support for students considering studying overseas. Specialists in international education, Hemeningiltere is an innovative education consultancy, offers the best advice to parents, students and business world. IDEAS Turkey principal function is to serve as a bridge between prospective students who want the very best from International education and institutions that have proven to be at the top of International education at various levels. Our counselling services include: Advice on course, schools and university selection Career Advice European Representation Strategies for Global Student Recruitment Cross-Cultural Training and Consultancy Brochures and information Information about the city Assistance with application forms Visa advice where necessary Professional translation service Flight tickets

Founded: 2007

Website:www. ideasturkey. com

Phone: 00905072511244

E-mail:info@ideasturkey. com

Address: CELIKTEPE MH OZAN SK N 11/4 34314 ISTANBULTurkey

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