EducaTur Viajes ARGENTINA Education Agents

EducaTur Viajes ARGENTINA Education Agents

Educatur TRAVEL is a travel agency which offers intercultural education programs in the Netherlands, Canada, USA, Brazil, UK, South Africa, Germany, Italy, France and Australia.

It is identified by its dedication to service in the world of tourism and education, for its innovative spirit in domestic and international and proactive attitude towards quality, with careful attention to the client.

We provide travel agencies, tourist products and services quality regional, national and international, so that tourists can enjoy the best destinations to suit your tastes and preferences.

We know what we do because we like to travel, learn and discover different natural and cultural expressions!

Founded: 2003

Website:www. educaturviajes. com. ar

Phone: +54 0810 266 5464

E-mail:info@educaturviajes. com. ar


Dean Funes 381, 1º Piso, oficina 34

5000 Cordoba ARGENTINA


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