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Moving to a new country can be a once in a lifetime adventure. Allow a professional to take care of the procedure, so that you can fully enjoy your new start.  The system for administering visas for non-Australians is complex and varied as each visa class and subclass is unique and there are many differences between the visas. Border 2 Border is a registered migration   and education agency that can make that journey less complex and help you make that decision on the right visa and study path.


We will advise you on all your Migration matters including the advantages and disadvantages of potential visa options. We will assist you to prepare and lodge your visa application as well as communicate with the Migration department on your behalf. We will ensure that you understand any conditions which maybe attached to a particular visa and we will also make you aware of any related issues which may impact a particular visa.


As a  registered education agency, our role is to identify and assist prospective students considering studying in Australia.  We will assist the prospective students with information about the university or education providers in Australia and the courses they want to enrol into. We will also assist the students complete their enrolment with the institutions as well as  prepare and lodge their  student visa application. During their study in Australia we will assist the student settle into their new life in Australia and we will be their point of contact.


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