Attomouh Company LIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA Education Agents

The Attomouh CompanyLIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA Education Agents

The Attomouh Company was established shortly following the Libyan Revolution and we believe education is key to our country’s successful future and its healthy development. Students are looking for a high standard of education and there is a big demand and interest from the Libyan students to study abroad on a wide variety of courses including language courses, College courses and undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The Attomouh acts to facilitate student applications to institutes of all kinds, informing the Libyan public of the options that exist abroad and the quality of courses that they may take.

Founded: 2012

Website:www. asts. ly

Phone: +21 8926457147

E-mail:admission@asts. ly

Address: Majede Elarbi, Algerian Square- Tripoli Libya

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