Alexander Petrov Sydney Education Agents

Alexander Petrov Sydney Education Agents

Address:18 Adah St, Guildford, Sydney, New South Wales, 2161, Australia

“Alexander Petrov” is an education agency which has been operating since 2006 and appears to be one of the most successful on the market of Education Services for Overseas Students in Australia.

Our advantages are: no administration costs, no contracts signed by a student. If the student gets no visa, the agent gains nothing. We operate in Australia and offer 24×7 qualified and personalized support for our students.

We work basically with but  not  to Russian-speaking students from various countries. We help other agents to start their own businesses on any other market but Russian-speaking.

We concentrate upon selected education providers which are the best on our opinion in terms of quality and “value for money”. We prefer to excel quality of education in the institution rather then changing the institution for others who pay more “generous” commissions. Students’ needs to come first, the profit comes later.

Alexander Petrov is not  hiding behind the “trading names” and accept full responsibility for what he is doing as an agent. You satisfaction is the most important criterion of Alexander Petrov success as an education agent.


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