Escalar Services Sydney Education Agents

Escalar Services Sydney Education Agents

Address:Po Box 101, Sydney, NSW, 2024, Australia

We are a team of professionals who have been working in the international education industry for more than 10 years and, have been closely involved with the main educational institutions and organizations. This worldwide experience gives a competitive advantage to promote studies abroad and to ensure our customers achieve the best possible information to inform them about their choices. We give you FREE assistance during your journey to get your STUDENT visa!

We have travelled around the world and we have lived the experience as international student so we know what the expectations, hopes and feelings are that all of you have…once the decision has been taken!

ESCALAR means to climb in Spanish. Step by step, our team will lead you through this journey to achieve your goals. We will guide and assist you prior, during and after your journey.

We are committed to provide the best possible, current and high standard guidance to our prospective customers and match their educational needs with our diverse range of services, contacts and institution’s agreements in the country that you have chosen.

We are taking people on a journey, we are assisting individuals to achieve

their goals and dreams, .

Thinking about studying overseas?

We are a high qualified and experience team that will guide you during this new journey giving you the correct information and appropriate tools to make your goals come true; we will help you to choose the best option for your studies overseas based on your budget and expectations.

Why study overseas?

People need to explore and to discover other cultures and countries to expand their views and knowledge and insights.

When you travel, you realize how big the world is and how wonderful is to share new experiences with people with other customs, religions and beliefs.

If you study overseas, you will:

• Be an ambassadors of your country in the selected destination

• Build your future and grow with confidence as a integrated professional

• Learn a new language that will broad your options and expand your opportunities. If you already know the language you will improve it.

• Meet new people and make friends so you will extend your social and career networks.

• Enjoy the pleasures to taste new food, see different colours and live every single day a new experience, and realize how wonderful and big the world is


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