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Team Mission Impossible Sydney Education AgentsFor studying abroad dot com, we have face to face, telephone and e-mail counseling, and we will propose the best study abroad plan suitable for each student counselor in charge. Not only famous abroad schools in the English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc, as well as studying abroad in Philippines, which is highly popular as a language study abroad, Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, which are growing economically, We will help you study abroad. In addition, we will propose plans suitable for customers from various study style such as language study abroad or specialized study abroad, working holiday (working holiday), short-term study abroad. Advice from thinking about career plan and employment after returning homeAdvice from thinking about career plan and employment after returning homeAll of our studying abroad counselors are experienced in long-term study abroad and have staff with abundant experience abroad. Therefore, as well as advice on language acquisition, you can choose the best study plan after consulting about your career plan after returning home from abroad. We also offer employment support service after returning home, so if you would like to absolutely succeed in overseas study, which is a big event in your life, please use study Based on careful study abroad counseling, you will realize overseas study abroad and working holiday without regret. Know-how that can produce efficient results without wasteful costs Know-how that can produce efficient results without wasteful costsFor studying abroad, we recommend studying abroad in two countries where students can maximize results with language learning while minimizing the cost of studying abroad. Studying in two countries is a school style where students learn English in the Philippines first and then travel to European countries, the second country. Philippine language schools, unlike Western countries, are not a group class but a one-to-one lesson. This one-to-one lesson proves that you can gain 2 to 3 times the effect compared with studying English in the Western region for English learning. Since studying abroad dot com has a long history and know-how in studying abroad in the Philippines, we will propose a study abroad plan that can surely improve your English skills without wasting expenses.  

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