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Address:650 George Street, Nepaaus & Co. Suite 52 level 5, Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia

Nepaaus is one of the leading educational and migration consultancy firm that specializes in providing professional guidance and support to every individual seeking to travel abroad for their career. Nepaaus operates from its registered office in Sydney, Australia.

Nepaaus is committed to provide excellent international education and Migration supports. Our expert guidance guarantees you to get through the complex application process and tedious paperwork helping you to present your case in the strongest way possible.

  1. Our mission

Our mission is to provide a valuable link between our client and community in worldwide, the quality and the content of training, consultation and support services we provide are of the highest standards.

  1. Our vision

Our Vision is to offer professional and comprehensive services to clients, our personalized counseling and custom made career plans ensure a best match for the clients.

  1. Our team

The team of Nepaaus, the back bone of the Company consists of the people, who have vast professional experience in the field of advising clients about the various available options. The people of the team are empathic towards your needs as well as they have the ability and will to fulfill the commitments given to you.

Our counselors are fully trained and constantly updated in the knowledge and requirements of the different educational institutions and different regulations. The Managing Director of Nepaaus, Mr. Rajesh Shrestha lives in Australia, who is graduate, registered migration agent and a member of migration institute of Australia. Mr. Shrestha is familiar with the culture, environment and has extensive knowledge of education and migration systems of Australia and also other world.

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