AussieOzzy (AussieOzzy Migration) Education Agents

AussieOzzy (AussieOzzy Migration) Education Agents

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Address:Aosee Plaza by Festac 3rd Gate, suit 19, Festac, Lagos, Nigeria

AussieOzzy specializes in Australian education service. With our Qualified Education Agent Counsellors, and registered migration agents, we have been providing and continue to provide top-notch education and Australian Migration services to Africans, starting from the preliminary assessment stage right through to a successful outcome.


We have emerged to be a leading international student recruitment agency in West Africa.  We assist students in West Africa in Arranging for international student enrolments in Australia. We also strive to monitor every student’s progress and ensure that our students are acquainted with Australian Migration laws and policies.

We also partner with Australian universities, vocational institutions, secondary schools and articulation programs to ensure rapid processing of our student enrolment applications.

AussieOzzy can also arrange for long-term or short-term training for companies, school excursions and study tours.

Fax:+234 8094574711

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Principal Agent:Charles Ugochukwu Ukaegbu

Qualified Counsellors at AussieOzzy (AussieOzzy Migration)


Charles Ugochukwu Ukaegbu


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