Education City Private Education Agents

Education City Private Education Agents

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Address:P.O. Box 19964, Kathmandu, Bagmati, 44600, Nepal

Education City is an initiation of young minds to contribute to the rapidly rising international education industry in Nepal. Education City aims to promote ethical and professional counseling and guidance to the students who wish to charter the unknown territory with the hope of building a golden future. Abroad study has its own advantages and challenges. We wish to provide our students with correct and complete information regarding the challenges and opportunities provided by the abroad study programme. We have certified and trained counselors who will give you the best solution after careful and professional evaluation of your circumstances. You can be rest assured that the path chosen by you after our guidance and counseling will lead you to the best possible future outcome. You won’t have any regrets about your choice in your long term future. As our slogan says,  choose the best and forget the rest.


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Principal Agent:Sunil Uprety

Qualified Counsellors at Education City Private Limited

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Anil Uprety


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Sunil Uprety


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