Overseas Zone Education Consultant Jakarta Education Agents

Overseas Zone Education Consultant Jakarta Education Agents

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Address:Jl Boulevard Artha Gading Level 2 Kav. Commercial Block D 05Kelapa Gading Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia, 14240, Indonesia

Profile: Overseas Zone has been registered in 2002 with company name Indolink Hutama Sentosa, PT and changed company name, brand and logo to be “Overseas Zone, PT” in 2009 which represents what we are and what we are doing. Overseas Zone Main Office located in North of Jakarta, and branch offices in south and west of Jakarta. In April 2014 we expand to Bandung. Overseas Zone has motto ?Reach Your Dream With Us? which explain student needs or goals are our goals too. Our dreams are Indonesian student should get better education and experiencing life in overseas to have better future and many options in life.Overseas Zone has built wide networking with so many universities and colleges, so enable for students to choose their own education institution that most of fit for them. Not only from Asia but also USA and Europe Institutions.Overseas Zone has been helping so many international students who interested in continue their study to overseas at various university and college all over the world. The students learn in different level of studies, such as certificate, diploma, bachelor degree, or even master of degree, with our help and consultation. We have been assisting students from beginning to end of the process of consultation, school application, student visa, documentation such as passport, translation, flight ticket, arranging airport pick up, accommodation, opening bank account and introducing them to other student that has already been overseas.Overseas Zone has kept expanding and explore what we be able to do and develop in the terms of better education for the next generation.

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Contact Email: mikesky@overseaszone.com, admission@overseaszone.com 


Principal Agent:Mike Sky

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