Progress Study Consultancy Sydney Education Agents

Progress Study Consultancy Sydney Education Agents

Address:9, 534 Kent Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia

We have been in the education industry since 2000, and operating as propriety from 2002. We have 7 offices in countries: Vietnam, Australia and Indonesia and our professional and helpful staffs are ready to give the best assistance in relation to your education in Australia and/or visa applications.


What we do

We assist prospective students to choose the right course and education institution according to their career and life aspirations.

We help the recently arrived students to settle, and always ready to give them any advice they need during their stay in Australia.

We assist them in any migration issues, obtaining work permit, opening bank accounts (even before arrival), accommodation, airport pickup, and employment.

We assist them whenever they experience study difficulties. We sit with them to see how they can improve their study habit, and provide guidance on how to obtain the best possible results out of their course.

We organise social activities, and we like to ensure that their experience during their stay in Australia is a memorable one

Clients background

Our clients come from many different backgrounds and nationalities, such as Indonesian, Thai, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Chinese, Hong Kong SAR residence, Columbian, Finnish, German, English, Russian, Slovakian, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Mongolian, Peruvian, Mexican, Australian, Lebanese and Egyptian.


Contact Email:

Principal Agent:Andre Martano

Qualified Counsellors at Progress Study Consultancy Sydney

Andre Martano


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