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Discovery Education is an educational travel agency specialised in the recruitment of adolescent students for high school experiences in Australia and New Zealand. Its roles also include monitoring, guiding and assisting these students throughout their entire high school programme with Discovery Education.

Discovery was established in 1999 in Auckland, New Zealand by Katia MacKenzie, a teacher of English and Portuguese as foreign languages. Her passion and belief in International education, as well as the professionalism and dedication of our whole team, have encouraged Discovery to grow and evolve into a respected and leading organisation in its field, in both New Zealand and Australia.

Discovery prides itself on having an experienced and caring team who are speakers of their students’ mother tongues. This language ‘tool’ equips Discovery staff with a deeper understanding of their clients’ cultures and needs, which results in excellent communication and rapport mainly with students, but also with their parents and agents whenever necessary. From the initial steps of choosing a suitable high school in Australia, through to the students’ arrival and at every step of the programme, right up until their farewell, Discovery is there with and for all its students. 

Discovery Education believes that it is important that students are prepared for their overseas experience. Therefore, in addition to the excellent preparation that students’ agents offer in their home countries, Discovery also delivers its own 2-Day Arrival Orientation Program, which has always been successful in helping students to adjust to their new life.

Our excellent and carefully selected schools in Australia and the supportive team at EQI Education Queensland International are wonderfully reliable partners for Discovery. Collectively we work towards the same goal to have happy, safe and successful students with us, in beautiful and blessed Australia.

What do we guarantee?

  1. Quality of the Selected Schools – Discovery Education selects its schools very carefully, taking into consideration their reputation, location, facilities, school management, pastoral care and capacity per nationality.

  2. Quality of the Selected Homestays – Discovery will keep close communication with its schools’ homestay coordinators, to make sure all students are well placed and happy at their new homes, with their host families. 

  3. 2-Day Arrival Orientation Program – This will be held at a Brisbane hotel on students’ arrival in Australia.  The Orientation will be given by Discovery Education staff. It aims to cover various aspects of the Program and provide important information and guidelines for a successful experience in Australia. There is also a fun element to this programme which includes a city tour, activities and a picnic lunch. 

  4. Discovery Personalized 24/7 Support – Given to each student during the entire time of his/her Program in Australia;

  5. Student Progress Reports – Discovery Education will send progress reports to parents via their agents.  These reports will be written in the students’ native language, so that all parents fully understand the information given;

  6. Legalized School Reports – All final school reports will be validated by the students’ Embassy or General Consulate in Australia. Discovery will send validated reports to students, via their local agents.

What are the benefits of working with Discovery?

Discovery Education provides optimum care and it is an award-winning education agent. A formal  recognition for its quality services was given to Discovery in 2014 by the Department of Education, Training and Employment of Queensland, which trades in the International education sector as EQI (Education Queensland International).


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