IDP Education Abu Dhabi Education Agents

IDP Education Abu Dhabi Education Agents

Address:1802 Union National Bank Building, Airport Road (Corniche Side), Abu Dhabi, 32919, United Arab Emirates

IDP Education (IDP) is a global company offering student placement and English language testing services.

Using its network of over 75 student offices in 29 countries, IDP places more international students into Australian educational institutions than any other organisation. It places students into all sectors of the Australian education system, including higher education, vocational education and training (VET), English language intensive courses for overseas students (ELICOS) and schools.

Through its subsidiary IELTS Australia, IDP is a partner in IELTS, one of the world’s leading English language proficiency tests, which is delivered at over 450 test locations in 121 countries. IDP’s fellow IELTS partners are the British Council and Cambridge University.

IDP was established by Australian universities in 1969 and has nearly 40 years’ experience in international education. It is committed to using its full resources and experience to deliver excellent results to the students and test takers who use its services.

IDP is expanding is services to represent multiple destinations.  Beginning in 2010 the company is adding counseling capacity, local marketing and further resources to direct students to the United States in addition to Australia.  USA oriented capacity is being added across the company’s Network gradually with India and China being the quickest to market.  By June of 2011 the IDP Network should be fully oriented to multiple destinations.

Australian university relations are managed from the company’s headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.  Relationships with US universities are managed at the company’s North American headquarters in Philadelphia.

Fax: +971 2 622 8369

Ph: +971 2 622 8367

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Principal Agent:Luciana Lang

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