The Next Education Consultancy Kathmandu Education Agents

The Next Education Consultancy Kathmandu Education Agents

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Address:Putalisadak, Way To Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Bagmati, 1245, Nepal

Established in 2005, with the main objective being to assist students to make the right choice in pursuing education in overseas educational institutions. The Next Education Consultancy provides information about higher education in various countries like Australia and New-Zealand. Our excellent network with Universities helps us to deliver the best services to our students.

Our organization has a single minded focus; to guide students to the best possible institutions, thus enabling them to build their careers.  Using our expertise & vast experience we can identify the most suitable institution for each individual student. We are the stepping stones to their futures. Our success is directly linked to their success.

The Next has become the foremost platform in the study abroad arena providing services for prospective students according to their needs. Awarded with the representation of many top universities/colleges from various countries, it has become the most sought after venue with numerous study packages that answer every specific query. Visit us and we promise to show you how beautiful your future is, giving you a glimpse of your great career through the authentic words of our mentors.


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Principal Agent:Salikram Bhandari

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