Student Colombia Bogota Education Agents

Student Colombia Bogota Education Agents

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Address:Carrera 53 N° 104B 35 Oficina 703, Bogota, Distrito Especial, 11001, Colombia

Student Colombia is an educational agency that represents more than 100 colleges, universities and educational institutions licensed to teach international students in a wide range of courses. These institutions’ qualifications are recognised worldwide. We advise you on how to choose the right pathway whether you want to study English, undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses such as Masters degree, Doctorate, etc. We apply and follow up your application with the chosen institution. We can also provide advise on accommodation services, job centre, organising a bank account, job training courses, use of transportation systems and medical services, tours and tourism, and help and guide you to obtain air tickets at the lowest possible cost.

Fax:+57 (1) 2630506

Ph:+57 (1) 4738747 / 2630506

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Principal Agent:Martha Ines Acero Suarez

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Juan Pablo Medina

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Martha Ines Acero Suarez

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