Leader Education Agents Ukraine

Leader Education Agents Ukraine
Why it is great to study in UkraineFor the young people who’d like to study in Europe and to get higher education recognized all over the world there are several obvious reasons to choose Ukrainian Universities.Geographical locationUkraine is the largest European country by its territory located in Eastern Europe and bordering on such EU members as Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. It is a picturesque land surrounded by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, with many lovely rivers and majestic mountains. To study in Ukraine means living in the country where lush nature frames beautiful modern cities and small villages which have every reason to be proud of its rich historical and cultural heritage closely associated with the European history and culture. Mild climate in Ukraine promotes healthy living environment. And the Ukrainians are people with real European consciousness combined with traditional national hospitality.The quality of higher educationThe system of higher education, including medical education in Ukraine is well developed and presented by numerous higher education institutions which train specialists in a variety of fields. There are about 200 universities having a license for teaching foreign students and providing training in 800 specialties. Approximately 20 of institutions offer higher medical education in Ukraine.The structure of higher education corresponds to this of the leading western countries. It is very important that in 2005 Ukraine joined the Bologna system actively developing the pan-European standard in higher education. Ukrainian diplomas are recognized by WHO, UNESCO, EU, PLAB, USMLE, Arab world and appreciated internationally.While getting MBBS in Ukraine foreign students have the great opportunity to take advantage of two-ways exchange student programs with universities in the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden, UK, USA, etc. Also there is the possibility of transferring students from a university in Ukraine to any University of EU, UK or U.S.The higher education system as well as medical education in Ukraine is flexible and open to development. Here students successfully obtain both theoretical and practical knowledge. Ukrainian universities are known for the strong teaching staff many members of which are reputed far beyond Ukraine. Besides, foreign students can get invaluable experience during training by professors specially invited from the USA, Canada, UK, EU, etc. Also they can study in Europe taking part in researches, projects, seminars, workshops which are conducted along with institutions in other European countries.AvailabilityThere is no necessity to pass IELTS or TOEFL and foreign students are free to choose a working language – Ukrainian, Russian or English. The applicants meeting the requirements are sure to get an invitation letter from a chosen University and 100% guaranteed to receive Ukrainian visa. All foreign students who choose to study in Ukraine and got the visa are admitted to Ukrainian universities unexceptionally. Almost every university with a license for teaching foreign students has a service for helping foreigners in obtaining and registration of all necessary documents as well as for comprehensive support after their arrival. Also universities assist graduates in the international legalization of diplomas in the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports.It is important that higher education (including MBBS) in Ukraine is more affordable compared to other European countries. Standard of prices here is rather moderate (as of accommodation, food, internet, mobile communications, etc) and foreign students can get advantage of 50% discount on travel by public transport as well as save money on course books provided by university libraries.Security and living standardsWhile getting MBBS in Europe foreign students can feel safe in the country’s multicultural society where racial, religious and ethnic tolerance is highly appreciated. Foreign students have the same rights as Ukrainian students and protected by the legal system based on European standards. The crime rate in Ukraine is lower than in such countries as UK, Germany and France. Universities’ environment is very friendly to foreign students who arrived to get medical education in Ukraine regardless of a country they come from. There are many females studying at Ukrainian universities so young girls from other countries get support and feel safe here.Along with security foreign students can appreciate European standard of living in Ukraine including modern system of health insurance, one of the best transport infrastructures and up-to-date technology provided in everyday life as well as in educational process.


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