We are very pleased to introduce ourselves as Ivory Edu Care Pvt. Ltd, in abbreviate IEC, is an education based company based in kathmandu, a beautiful capital city of Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. We are a Private and Government registered organization established with the prime objective to help students in their pursuance of higher education abroad in many countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and Mauritius. At the same time to represent and cooperate with the Universities/ Colleges Abroad to promote their programs and name in the regional market, so, basically, functioning as the bridge between the prospective students and the institutions. For this, we undertake various activities and promotional programs so that to ensure the right and genuine candidates those actually deserve the quality of the education are going to the right institution that are really proficient and willing to offer. We are also engaged on to provide the Test Preparation Classes of IELTS/TOEFL and Language/ Bridge courses together with the Career Counseling/ Student Placement from our company. To ensure our reliability to our students and the institution and to work in a harmonious and ethical manner, we have also taken the membership of ECAN (Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal) and FECON (Vice- President of FECON) are an active member. We educate, train and assist the students to go abroad for higher studies and those who are willing and are academically, financially and mentally prepared. While performing this, we primarily ensure that the institutions that the students are heading towards are reputed and of international standard where our students would truly get an international qualification and skill that would help them to compete in an international level and hence, can contribute back to the nation. At the same time, we would like to ensure that our relationship with the concerned institution would be trustworthy, built upon mutual understanding and mutually beneficial in a long run. For this, the most important part is the credibility of the students and we always make sure that if the students are genuine and can help to enrich the name and fame of both the institutions and somehow play the part for the development of nation.
Founded: 2008
Website:www. iec. edu. np
Phone: 9851123109
E-mail:info@iec. edu. np
Address: Kumaripati-2000977 Kathmandu

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