G.R. Academic Exchange Programs Education Agents

G.R. Academic Exchange Programs Education Agents
DESCRIPTION: G.R. Academic Exchange Programs, better known as GRAcademic, is an Educational Consultant Agency founded in 2001, dedicated to promote studies abroad for Latin American kids, teenagers. GRAcademic works with a large network of distinguished institutions in the most attractive cities of the world, this advantage allows to offer a wide variety of accommodation and study options abroad; and to advise students on the program that best suits their needs, their budget and their requirements.
HISTORY: On 2001 GRAcademic allowing 15 Venezuelan students to attend public schools through the J-1 Visa Program. During many years GRAcademic worked this way and gained experience and recognition by many Venezuelan families from all over the country. Less than a decade after its foundation GRAcademic took a new path and expand its horizons by including on their portfolio: Language Programs, Boarding & High school Programs, Summer Camps, University Preparation (Pathways, Foundations, A-Levels Placement. Today, GRAcademic counsels hundreds students and continues to grow by expanding its market by recruiting students from all countries of Latin America.
MISSION: GRAcademic mission is to provide leadership, guidance and resources to help students meet the educational needs in order to prepare them for success in the global economy.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: GRAcademic guides and monitors activities and programs related to worldwide education and periodically attend educational fairs, workshops and seminars from outstanding leading companies in the Educational Industry such as ICEF, ALPHE, and IALC among many others. Attending those events allows GRAcademic to connect with international educators, and service providers as well as work and travel professionals from around the globe. GRAcademic is an ICEF Agency, by meeting the all the requirements of the practical, professional training courses for agency-based international student recruitment counsellors: ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC).
SERVICES & AGENCY RESPONSIBILITIES: GRAcademic provides personalized and customized advice for students, offering all the services that students may require in order to succeed on their educational program abroad. GRAcademic provides students with guidance and assistance throughout the process: Before, during and when returning from their sejour. GRAcademic is in charge of: • Directing the guidance process on the selection of the program & destination. • Counseling with Consular & Visa formalities. • Planning for transport to and from the airport. • Planning of accommodation. • Scheduling of the airline tickets. • Providing international student card (if requested). • Booking of International Student Health Insurance. • Managing the adaptation of the student to the new learning environment. • Overseeing development and progression of the student. • Administering a data collection system on educational institutions abroad.• Recognizing only screened and vetted educational institutions, providing quality assurance for students. • Operating research and update information on available programs.• Monitoring for compliance with guidelines and best practices from educational institutions.
ADVANTAGES FOR THE STUDENT • Students will be able to select the language, the city and the country of choice. • Students will significantly improve the language while making new friends, acquaintances and business contacts, as they share with friends, teachers and families. • Students will learn the culture, customs and traditions of the country, from the inside, as its lived by their own inhabitants. • Students will benefit from years of successful experiences and guidance. • Students will learn the best from qualified teachers and renowned institutions. • Students will expand their academic and employment opportunities while reaching his full potential. • Students will be an “ambassador” of the customs and culture of their country!
 PROGRAMS OFFERED: The curriculum offered by GRAcademic, is aimed to people of all ages. All the programs are properly accredited by the competent authorities of each country: • Language Programs • Boarding, Private and Public High school (F-1 Visa). • Exchange Student Program (J-1 Visa). • Vacation Courses: Sports / Activities + Language • Traditional Summer Camps • Exam Preparation: IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, GRE, GMAT, TEC, TESOL …• University Preparation (Pathways, Foundations, A- • Undergraduate and Graduate Studies
DESTINATIONS • Germany • Australia • Belgium • Brazil • Canada • Colombia • China • Spain • United States • France • England • Ireland• Italy • Japan • Korea • Malta• Mexico • New Zealand • Peru• Russia• South Africa • Switzerland
WEBSITE: www.intercambioestudiantil.com
EMAIL: Info@intercambioestudiantil.com
PHONE: · ARGENTINA: (54) 11 51689707 / (54) 91157503698· ECUADOR: (593) 9 99399975· ESPAÑA: (34) 656 314866· MEXICO: (52) 55 53501463· USA: (1) 954 8926975 / (1) 954 8923855 / (1) 786 8385985 / (1) 305 2839171· VENEZUELA: (58) 212 3354144 / (58) 212 9916660 / (58) 212 9940082ADDRESS: 80 SW 8th St. Suite 2000. Brickell City TowerMiami, Florida 33130. United States.G.R. Academic Exchange ProgramsGRA Viajes Educativos C.A.
ARGENTINA: (54) 11 51689707 / (54) 91157503698ECUADOR: (593) 9 99399975 ESPAÑA: (34) 656 314866MEXICO: (52) 55 53501463USA: (1) 954 8926975 / (1) 954 8923855 / (1) 786 8385985 / (1) 305 2839171VENEZUELA: (58) 212 3354144 / (58) 212 9916660 / (58) 212 9940082
MAIN OFFICE80 SW 8th St. Suite 2000. Brickell City TowerMiami, Florida 33130. United States.

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