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Futureducation is a unique career and international education consulting company that delivers career guidance to individuals who are both students and/or professionals and in accordance with the career decision making process, we instruct them in finding the best quality of education offered by selective schools/universities abroad. Futureducation offers service in Language Studies and Exam Preparation Courses, Summer Schools for different age groups, Certificate and Diploma Courses, Executive Courses, University Placement for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies, High Schools and University Foundation Courses, as well as Internship Programs. Our company name, a combination of the words future and education, reflects our mission and the inseparable bond between the two marked issues of our time. Our slogan, ”Your Education is Our Future”; means that well educated people are going to make better future for themselves as well as for the whole world. We are dedicated to serve to a better future with the education of our students. Established in August 2009, we are proud to announce our corporate identity with professionals who have 10 years of experience in various fields of education/training industry, such as business partnership management, sales and marketing, learning consultancy, and training delivery. Our aim is to provide premier service to high profile individuals in our portfolio who are eager to collaborate with more effort and dedication for their own career and education planning, at our office located at the heart of Istanbul, a niche area with business locations and residences. We are fully resourced and strategically positioned to reach potential individuals who are in good standing schools, student associations and also in the large-populated cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Izmir, Antalya, Eskisehir and Adana with the help of international education fairs, seminars, webinars, group meetings, school visits, and personal references. Along with our outstanding education background and work experience, we also have the experience of living in different countries and cultures, therefore have the strength to better screen and manage student recruitment. We have assisted individuals become career-driven professionals, and we continue to increase our success with our comprehensive approach and understanding of individual needs and extensive analysis of opportunities to meet the requirements of the employment industry. As Futureducation, we are confident to add value and bring quality to our business partners, students, competitors and the market as a whole. As part of our services, we assist our students with their visa applications and travel arrangements. We also continue to follow up them for their needs and feedback during their studies abroad. Website:www. futureducation. net

Phone: +90 216 663 60 48

E-mail:info@futureducation. net

Address: Palladium Ofis Binasi Barbaros Mah. Halk Cad. No:8/A AtasehirTurkey

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