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Education & Travel: The licensed tour operator with study travel as the main activity English UK partner agency.

Annual participant of international fairs: Study World, ICEF, Quality English, English UK .

Regular visits to educational institutions.

The services we provide in the UK:

– year round language courses for all age groups in the UK

– on-line English courses for students aged 14+

– placement to boarding schools from age 8 years old

– university preparation programmes on the base of boarding schools, colleges of further education or universities

– university programmes

– consulting services on diverse range of programmes

– organisation of trips to visit educational institutions for parents and students

– testing of students and help with application procedure

– all supporting services for travel abroad, including tickets booking, visa support and help, medical and travel insurance, etc.

Education & Travel
4/6 A Patrisa Lumumby Street

Kyiv, 01042


Tel/fax: +38044 596 1823

E-mail:info@eductravel. com. ua

Skype: eductravel

www. eductravel. com. ua

www. trivoo. net

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