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At A to Z Visa we aim to provide more than a mere life-experience, more than just living, working or studying overseas. With over 8 years experience in helping students from all over the world secure academic positions in countries just as diverse as their backgrounds, we are confident our professional and trustworthy reputation, outlook and work ethic can guarantee success.A2Z VISA’S ServicesStudy VisaTogether with our education advice department we can plan your entire education and academic career in the UK, ensuring that you achieve the best possible results at university, without any distractions caused by immigration problems. It is this complete solution that makes A to Z Visa an expert in the field, and the first choice for student visas in the UK. Although short courses (less than 30 days) are possible even on a general visitor’s visa, if your main intention is to study here, you will need to apply for one of the following visa categories.Short courses – Student visitorsFor short courses, or English language only courses, most applicants require a Student Visitor Visa. This allows you to study any course up to six months in length, or an English language only course for up to 11 months.Long courses – Tier 4 visasFor longer courses, such as university degrees, you will need to apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa. These are valid for the entire length of your course. Students on English language courses who later plan to apply for university should also apply for a Tier 4 visa, as these can be extended in the UK, unlike visitor visas.Work Visa For those wishing to work in the UK, a number of different routes exist. Some of which are general work visas, and others vary depending on the particular type of work.The main work-based visa is Tier 2, which allows entry for a person who has been offered a job by a company able to sponsor them, at a salary level that meets Home Office requirements. The applicant must also meet English language requirements, and have access to the correct level of maintenance funds.Our fixed fee service for Tier 2 applications involves all liaisons with the sponsoring employer, application completion and assembly of documentary evidence.Overseas companies can also apply for a member of staff to come to the UK as their sole representative to expand their business in the UK.Individuals with money to invest can apply under Tier 1, either as investors, or as entrepreneurs setting up a company in the UK.For short visits to the UK for business reasons, a business visitor visa is usually more appropriate.Please contact us to find out which category you may be eligible to apply for.Premium and Business VisasA to Z Visa specialises in applications for UK visas particularly tailored for investors and entrepreneurs, as well as visas relevant to business professionals coming to the UK. Our clients in these areas tend to have demanding lives, busy schedules and a range of requirements associated with their visa applications that need to be met. We understand these needs, and use our expertise and a network of professional advisers to cover all requirements as part of our clients’ immigration plans.Academic Assistance

We help you develop the academic skills you need whilst enrolled on a course and expedite your educational development. A to Z VISA recognises how difficult it can be for students to try and study in a country unfamiliar to them, therefore alongside our visa services we also provide academic advice and consultation. Our qualified staff can assist you with the following, and more:

•Assignment Research•Proof Reading and Suggestions for Improvements•Personal StatementsBusiness Start-ups Business enterprises, particularly when they start up, need to have a strong foundation. A to Z VISA prides itself on its versatility, and our constant want to expand and provide a wider range of services to our clients. We can help you with:

•Developing business plans; •Registering and Trade Marking your new company; •CE Mark Registrations;•Sourcing and Supplying Goods;•Product and Services Marketing;•Virtual Office and Mail Box Services;Whatever business venture you have in mind, whether your just thinking about it and want to explore it further, or need to gain advice on how to take the next step, we can guide you towards that final goal.UK ResidencyMany visa types can allow you to settle in the UK permanently after staying here for a qualifying period, by applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). If you think you can apply for any form of settlement, contact us and we will advise you on your eligibility. If you would like to apply, we will complete your settlement application for ILR. Once ILR is granted, you should be able to apply for naturalisation as a British Citizen after one year. The requirements and qualifying period for ILR and naturalisation vary depending on your previous immigration category. Please contact us for further details on eligibility.Family VisaThe emotional, practical and financial risks involved in planning a move with your family members is a huge responsibility, and at A to Z VISA we recognise the trust you are placing in us as your representatives and advisors. Apart from ensuring that you are informed and advised of all aspects of the immigration case, we aim to assist you with whatever is needed for your family to make a smooth transition to the UK. This could include finding schools for your children, translation of documents, opening bank accounts and registering with a doctor. Whatever the need, we can either advise you directly or refer you to the appropriate professional in our network of contacts. There are a number of routes available, including family visit visas for short visits to family in the UK, applications as a dependent of someone temporarily residing in the UK, or applying to permanently join a family member who is settled in the UK. The exact type of visa needed will depend on a range of factors, and we will thoroughly assess your case before advising on the best course of action.Visitor and Tourist VisasVisitor visas are available for a variety of purposes, and can be valid for anything from six months to two years. First time applicants will usually be awarded a 6-month visa. In later applications, if you can show that you need to make repeated visits over a long period, you may be awarded a visa for 1, 2, 5 or 10 years. A to Z VISA can advise you on how to achieve this.Evidence requirements for most visit visas are not precisely defined, and rely on you presenting an overall picture of a genuine, low risk applicant. We work with you to ensure that your application covers all the points required by the Home Office, depending on your individual circumstances.Depending on your situation and the purpose for your visit, we can advice you on which visa is available to you and relevant to your visit. The following categories are the most common types of visit visas. Our service includes initial advice, document checking and preparation, application submission and appointment booking.If you are not sure which category suits your purposes, please contact us and we can advise you on which visa you may qualify for.Translations A crucial element for your visa application and an academic entry criterion involves providing the correct evidence in English. This includes everything from Bank Statements and Bank Letters to Certificates and Academic Transcripts. At A to Z VISA we can assist you with the translation of all these important documentations from Farsi (Persian) into English or vice versa. 


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