Our English Immersion Programs

Our English Immersion Program is best suited for students who seek to gain exposure to an English-speaking environment, experience real-life communication scenarios, hand-on learning and build confidence in public-speaking in English. Through this program, friendship are built among students of various nationalities and cultures. Visits to famous universities and college campuses have also inspired our students to strive for academic excellence.

Why choose our English Immersion Programs?

English & Leadership Curriculum

Our English, Leadership & Public Speaking Programs are more than the usual summer camps. Our English & Leadership, Public Speaking curriculum stands out in two aspects:

English classes content are customised to fit seamlessly with excursions planned for each destination city. Students not only learn relevant English vocabularies and grammar structures which can be immediately used during excursions, but also learn about history, culture and fun facts about the destination cities through carefully crafted reading passages, exercises and in-class games.

Our English classes are a combination of traditional English classes and Leadership & Public speaking classes. Our carefully drafted Leadership & Public speaking curriculum has proven successful track-records in bringing out the confidence in students to speak English like a native-speaker by giving students guidance on thought process and important success criteria in public speaking.

Our Camp Facilitators

Our team of attentive Camp Facilitators will spend time with students for the entire duration of our holiday camps. Our Camp Facilitators like to get to know all our students and give them the most memorable summer of their lives.

They are well-trained, have ability to connect with students and are able to encourage students to explore and ask intelligent questions during excursions and educational games.


Guided tours around the destination city give students opportunity to apply what they learn in class. Our selection of attractions and excursion sites are carefully designed to fit in seamlessly with our in-class teaching materials.

We also design comprehensive & interactive group activities which encourage students to apply what they have learned in class to daily conversations, including but not limited to sightseeing, museum visits, sport activities, team-building games, shopping etc.

Our Teachers

Our inspiring native-speaking teachers are fully qualified and accredited. They are highly experienced in bringing out the best in students, facilitate effective language learning skills; and in the process prepare them relevant knowledge and vocabulary needed during excursions. Our teachers will also guide and coach students along for their preparation of “BlueSky Speaks!” Public Speaking Competitions and BlueSky’s Got Talent Show.

Student Safety

We know that the number one concern of parents when sending their children on any summer camps is their children’s safety. We ensure students’ safety with multi-layer camp managers, appropriate staff-to-student ratio, well-trained and experienced staffs with First Aid and Emergency Reaction certificates who are ready to response to any emergencies 24/7.



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