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Aston parker preschool education chain business scope covers the early childhood education, children’s English, travel, study abroad, visa services, to provide parents and early childhood education professional services to the “all programs”.

Company headquarters is located in the city of Newcastle, adhering to the professional first, service supreme management idea. Aston Martin is the chic modelling, seiko spy, the excellent performance of sports car, identified as dapeng, flying like dapeng bird with heaven’s sprint speed and ambitious. Parker was a famous British Hyde park, the open and inclusive thoughts and academic atmosphere, is known as “the Angle of speech”. Aston parker is a “carefully crafted” teaching quality, dapeng bird version of development speed and open independent eclectic teaching ideas to give back to society, the education development.After the company was set up in xian, wuhan has also established a wholly owned subsidiary, preschool education administration, is expected in the next three years, for 5 ~ 10 chain kindergarten, British culture, the characteristics of the British education to wuhan. Company with headquarters in the UK convenience and advantage, is committed to the promotion and development of wuhan preschool education institutions and the British educationculture docking and exchange between preschool education institutions, let more children don’t go out of circumstances can accept education, from the UK has a long history and unique for your own life is more than a choice.


Aston Park Education Consulting Merchant House30 Cloth Market Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1EE

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Miss Haichen Wang
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GCSE, A Level or other equivalent Boarding Schools English Language Schools Undergraduate study Post Graduate study

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Education UK Certificate (Certified: 01/07/2016 )

Agent Reference: GAL/15158

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