Auspark Education Network Kathmandu Education Agents

Auspark Education Network Kathmandu Education Agents

Address:Kathmandu 31 P.O. Box: 9115, Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal

Auspark Education Network is an educational organization established with an aspiration to provide quality educational services. We are a private organization registered

in the Office of Company Registrar, Ministry of Industry,  Commerce and Supply Government of Nepal established with the prime objective to assist students in pursuance of higher

abroad education. We consistently provide a new generation of counseling and placement services to students from all around the world. We are committed to bringing you the premium study option through our association with quality education providers in Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, UK, etc.

We have been providing safe, challenging, life-changing study abroad experiences to students and professionals in Nepal and abroad. If your goal is to study abroad or get professional qualification, we provide the full fledge information and professional advice on the various requirements and procedures in systematic manner and preparing them with the necessary test preparation. We have envisioned the motto of ‘Amend your Careers’ and so are marching proudly on the way to serve many students to help them for their better education and career. We are member of ECAN (Educational Consultancies Association of Nepal) and are fully committed to abiding by its Codes of Conduct which ensure that we provide genuine information to the students and work in the ethical behavior.

Auspark Education Network is building a bridge between students and world class Universities/Colleges/ Institutions. We are working as representatives of many institutions and seeking more representations in more countries with different programs so that it would be easier for the students to have alternatives to choose from. Therefore, our prime action is to assist students to choose the right course at the right institution for their better education and to add wings for their bright career and nevertheless in simplified procedures.


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Rupesh shrestha

Rupesh Kumar Shrestha


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