Lawand Education Gold Coast Education Agents

Lawand Education Gold Coast Education Agents

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Address:5 Emily Way, Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast, Queensland, 4227, Australia

In 2006 Lawand Education was formed to follow the steps of Lawand Tourism and adopt similar principals to those that made its sister company successful. Focusing on the Arab market and initially offering Australia and New Zealand Education services, Lawand Education extended its service offering to cover Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom and United States of America. Our vision is to help every Student, Client and Institution (Government & Private) with information, counseling, recruiting and visa services. Lawand Education was established with the aim of promoting the exchange of intellect and expertise between our excellent education destinations (primarily within the education, vocational and training industry) and our clients. Lawand Education is bound by its mission statement of offering the most complete, appropriate product and the best possible service, to the students and their sponsors alike. Lawand Education is guided by its core objective of being “with you from beginning to end”¬†and aims to be the preferred Recruitment Agency in its markets. Lawand Education also supports its supplier partners, the Universities and other education institutions, by offering its expertise of, and networks in, the markets.

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