Alight Group of Consultants Education Agents

Alight Group of Consultants Education Agents

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Address:House No. 22, Shahid Galli, Dhobidhara, Kathmandu, Bagmati, 44600, Nepal


Alight Group of Consultants (AGC) was registered as a company on August 30, 2011. However, its experience and excellence traces back into Career International Counseling Center (CICC), a similar company established in 2007. Both companies are merged to form AGC since 2015. AGC believes in client to client marketing; and to attain this dedicated service delivery, providing right information and expert career counseling are never compromised. This in turn has been giving us with more recommendations from the past clients. AGC has got a strong network and relationship not only with other educational consultancies in Nepal and abroad; but also with the academic institutions home and foreign strand.



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Principal Agent:Rajan Godar

Qualified Counsellors at Alight Group of Consultants .


Rajan Godar

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