Study Experience FRANCE

Study Experience FRANCE Education AgentsStudy Experience is a student counselling and placement agency for higher education and language studies abroad. Our philosphy of university placement is to help students join institutions that do not only fit their academic profile, but also correspond to their personal and professional goals. We place students in academic and language … [Read more…]

Study Experience

Education Agents Guide works with a network of agent representatives worldwide as well as universities, colleges and schools around the word. Agents can help students apply to the universities, colleges and schools, guide them through course choices and offer support during the pre-departure process.

Lost In Immersion FRANCE

Lost In Immersion FRANCE Education AgentsLost In Immersion connects genuine students and language schools through an innovative platform. Founded: 2013 Website:www. lostinimmersion. com Phone: +33 668289620 E-mail:contact@lostinimmersion. com Address: 19 Quai de l’Oise 75019 Paris FRANCE


LINGUAPHONE FRANCE Education AgentsLinguaphone has built its identity around a comprehensive training approach that takes into account your needs and constraints, but also the challenges posed by language training. The group mobilizes all its resources and talents to help you achieve your goals. Their results speak for 97% of those with a signed training Linguaphone … [Read more…]

La Route des LanguesFRANCE

La Route des LanguesFRANCE Education AgentsLA ROUTE DES LANGUES offers high-end language education programs to children, teenagers and adults all around the world. Founded: 1992 Website:www. laroutedeslangues. co m Phone: +33 1 44 21 82 14 E-mail:rdl@laroutedeslangues. com Address: 22 avenue Victor Hugo 75116 Paris PARIS

Nacel International France

Nacel International France Education Agents Nacel’s programs bring people together to enhance cultural and linguistic awareness and to promote international friendship and harmony. Nacel’s offices around the world recognize the fundamental importance of adherence to a set of values based on respect for an individual regardless of race, gender, ethnic origin and social or financial … [Read more…]

ESL Education Group

ESL Education Group Our range includes hundreds of destinations and a diverse variety of study options, including language courses, higher education programmes, teacher training and language summer camps

Kaplan International

Education Agents Kaplan International Kaplan International 14 Boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris Tel: 0148000600 Website: Email: Astrid Basnier


IDEALANGUES is a different type of agency as we do not sell language courses but help our clients buy their course directly to the school. Our clients are students aged 16+ and executives, mainly for English courses in English speaking countries.

ARAM FRANCE Education Agents

ARAM was founded in 1999, and its mission is to promote language exchanges and to allow everyone to better understand the cultural differences. ARAM france is a non profit organisation and use to offer both INBOUND and OUTBOUND programs